1966 born, film-maker and visual artist. Graduate of stills and video photography at Canada WIZO school of design (1989-1993).


Working with video, digital photography, and mixed media, shifting between narrative and abstract, the works explore the realm of post surrealistic worlds, juxtaposing matter and memory, remixing, distorting and transforming ready made visuals with specifically made ones, in order to create a new, alternative reality.


E X H I B I T I O N S   :

(Video works, Stills, mixed media works)



Apr. 2014 – International photography festival,  group exhibition, Rishon Letsion, Israel


Jan. 2014 – "B-Order", Video-sound installation and live performance, Passaz, Tel-Aviv


Nov. 2013 – "Front door peepholes", group exhibition, Sincresis d'A, Empoli, Italy


Oct. 2013 – "Food-Processor II", group exhibition, wall art space, Tel-Aviv


Jul. 2013  – "Not-book", group exhibition, Beithair urban culture center, Tel-Aviv


Aug. 2011 – "Traveling without moving", solo exhibition, the Container, Jaffa


Nov. 2004 - “VideoZones” the 2nd video art biennale, Tel-Aviv, Israel


Feb. 2004 -  “Transmediale” International media art festival, Berlin, Germany.


Mar. 2003 - “Woman Power” group exhibition, Notsar theater, Jaffa, Israel. 


Jan. 2003 - “Phobidylic” group exhibition, Jah-pan club, Tel-Aviv, Israel.


Nov. 2002 - “VideoZones”, the 1st  video art biennale, Tel-Aviv, Israel.





F I L M S :

(writer, director)



Feb. 2013 – "Home, cry" short film. 4th Epos art films festival, Tel-Aviv museum


Nov. 2012 – "City dance project" – 5 short dance films. Channel 8 Docu.


Mar. 2012 – "We are not alone" 90 min. feature film. Theatrical  release.


                   winner of Golden Remi award at Houston international film festival.

Lior Har-Lev

Stills, Videos & Art objects